Our Mission

To consult from mid to large size corporations by providing a full range of IT consulting services such as E-Business, software engineering services and enterprise networking solutions. We can help any organization with their IT needs. We are dedicated to improving our clients’ ability to achieve their strategic network objectives.

Our Founder

Advanced Solutions is the brainchild of our founder. The accumulation of twenty years of IT experience and knowledge in the technology industry providing support and services for several major corporations led him to create a consulting company that would act as a tool to help businesses focus on their primary objectives.

Advanced Solutions is designed to bring top notch consulting services to every level of business. Fixed pricing allows our clients the ability to expand their business capabilities efficiently and easily by omitting hidden fees, and eliminating unnecessary markup costs.

At Advanced Solutions, we are client minded, user friendly, and ready to put our staff to work for you.


Why Us?

Our services include a wide range of professional and technical capabilities, from the integration of third-party products to complete needs analysis and complex project design/implementations. Advanced Solutions assures its clients of the full utilization of minimized investments through its commitment to providing highly professional and quality services